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Advanced, Lightweight & User Friendly.
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Why use the iTrade by Intellect Softwares?

We have created the most advanced, fast, secure, reliable & fully featured Trading Terminal for the Indian Trading Community that gives you deeper analysis & better trading experience using multiple brokers & data feed. Let’s take a glance at the features of iTrade.

A Secured System to protect your shares and personal details from online hacks & problems.

The trading terminal is quite sensitive as it contains all your trading account information. In order to ensure adequate security You need not worry about your shares & trading capital as the software is designed & developed keeping the security in mind.

Enhance Your Technical Analysis skills with over 100 Tools & Studies

Deepen your technical analysis research & get 100% Accurate results with the help of advanced strategies designed using multiple tools & studies.

Fast Order Placement with Single Click.

Life of a trader is difficult, as he needs to analyse his trades before entering and many of them lose their entry because of TIME. ITRADE allows user to trade from the charts itself with a single click that will cut down your time to enter the trade.

Algo Trading

Automate your Trading with the help of Algo-Trading. Design your trading strategy and let ITRADE do the TRADING on your behalf. It allows automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies in Equity, MCX and Derivative markets.


A totally customizable workspace as per the convenience of the user. Decide how your trading workspace should look like without Limitations, Organise the panels in groups, place it anywhere on the screen, save your customised workspace.

Multi Exchange Trading

ITRADE is ready for trading on various segments of the markets such as equity, derivatives, MCX & Currency, This enhances the trading experience of our users and they can use all the advanced features to analyse all the segments of the market.

Broker Neutral Platform Driven By Trading Community
ITRADE allows users to trade & analyse price change using multiple brokers & data providers under a single platform.

By using the ITRADE platform, A user also helps us in developing & implementing the new & advanced features by sharing his vision. Many of the current features in ITRADE are inspired by the Traders & Brokers Community.
Multi Asset Coverage
ITRADE is perfect trading terminal designed to enable trading in all the major exchanges of India. A user can trade Futures & Options, Commodities, Equities & Currencies with advanced analysis in a single platform.
Create your own strategies & indicators & Connect with Major Payment Gateways.

Brief explanation video about iTrade

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