Career Opportunities

Machine Learning...

EdYoda | 23 Aug 2019

We have had an insight into
Artificial Intelligence. Well, one of
its subfields is machine learning
and this introduction will help you
get a fair idea of what this...

lamp stack

stack: Choosing the...

EdYoda | 24 Aug 2019

In today's dynamic world,
developing a rapid application
with a smooth user interface that
can adapt to specific features is
the main business requirement...

Cloud computing

Impact of Cloud
Computing in various...

EdYoda | 24 Aug 2019

Cloud computing has been
rapidly gaining pace in the world
of information technology.It has
been observed that over 90% of
global enterprises are using...

machine learning

Challenges of Machine
Learning in Big Data...

EdYoda | 24 Aug 2019

Machine Learning is a subset of
artificial intelligence which is an
important part of computer
science. The revoluton of Big
Data promises to transform the...

myths of cybersecurity

Breaking the Myths
around Cybersecurity

EdYoda | 26 Aug 2019

Cybersecurity plays an integral
role in the process of good
business models.But even
cybersecurity programs buit
with good intentions can fall...

data backup

Importance of Data
Backup and Recovery i...

EdYoda | 26 Aug 2019

A business must always
introspect the areas where they
lack in order to bring about a
positive change in the work
environment.One of the main...