Advanced & Highly Customizable Multi Asset Trading Solutions

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  • Institutional Broker

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Why Choose BullsEye Trading Solution


BullsEye is an enterprise scale Multi Exchange & Multi Asset, Highly Customizable Trading System.

From Front End to Risk Management, It manages everything that you need to streamline your retail broker-dealer, institutions & prop desk trading business to maximise Trading efficiency, transparency & Analysis.

It Provides Highest Quality charts, Technical Indicators, Algo-Trading, Order Management, Risk Management, Market Scanners, Voice Commands Options Chain & Calculator and Advance Market Reports to provide a seamless trading experience to Traders & Investors.

With the help of Strong, Skilled & Experienced team of developers, BullsEye has a potential of handling large number of users at a single point of time. We continously refine our services to cater the needs of the Trading Community.


Our Solutions For

Retail Brokers
Retail Brokers

BullsEye is a muli-asset trading platform for retail broker with business of dealers, retail investor and traders. It comes with sophisticated OMS, RMS, compliance, trading platform, Web Application & Mobile App with advance technical analysis features.

Institutional Brokers
Institutional Brokers

For Institutional clients to meet trading objective, fast, reliable and superior execution is a priority. BullsEye provides leading & advanced technology for complex executions solutions, Algos, customized algorithmic trading, comprehensive Order and Risk Managements.

Proprietary Desk
Proprietary Desk

BullsEye trading solutions provides a cutting edge framework to build sophisticated proprietary quant model and execution strategies across asset class that eliminates missed opportunities, manual error and human emotions. The system provides robust APIs for Strategies, Indicators, Plugins & order executions that can be integrated with any external system.

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  • Order Management System

  • Highly efficient Order Management & Routing System

  • Live Prices, Positions & Analysis

  • Real Time P&L across products

  • Multi-asset Trading: Equities, Futures, Options, Commodities

  • trading-solutions
  • Risk Management System

  • Pre and Post-trade compliance checks

  • Real Time Risk Monitor based on margin

  • SPAN based margin

  • Template based Risk assignment at different levels: Clients, Groups, Dealer, Branch, Broker, Prop

  • Customized risk based on products

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  • Trading Front Ends

  • High Performance Trading Front-End

  • Trader, Dealer and Admin terminal based on role and privileges

  • Customized your trading experiences based on widgets drag and drop

  • Watch list, charting, news, research and semi-Automated trading tools

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  • Administrator Surveillance

  • User, roles and privileges management

  • Pre and Post-trade compliance checks

  • Fine grain control over the risk with automatic alerts and rule based squareoff

  • BOD and EOD process to integrate with back-office system

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  • Customize your solutions with open API’s

  • Live, historical, news and analytics and on demand market data streaming API

  • Create your own customizable Strategies & Indicators

  • Integrated with Major Payment Gateways such as RazorPay, Techprocess & ATOM

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  • Algo Trading

  • Connect with our partner brokers and execute trades automatically.

  • Create your own strategies and enjoy the flawless trade execution

  • Connect with multiple brokers on a single platform

  • Wide range of execution algorithms