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Innovative tools with advanced features

Our reliable and intuitive platform offers all the necessary tools to manage and execute orders and analyze market data.

Black Schole Option Calculator

Calculate the possible price of the option calls & puts with the help of Black Schole option calculator and enhance your chances of making profits from the options trading.

Professional Charts

High quality professional charts in multiple time frames such as Daily, Monthly, Weekly that allows order placements and work directly from the charts. Use our comprehensive suite of drawing tools and over 100 technical indicators to analyze Market.

Algo Trading

Automate your trades using predefined strategies or create your own and strategy and let the system trade automatically on your behalf in just few clicks.

Holding Dashboard

Get a graphical representation of your holdings or investments, It helps user to get a breakdown of investments that are in profit & loss. It shows the top profit making & loss bearing stocks in a bar graph.

iTrade +Scanner

Scan the entire stock market in real time and get the stocks that are at the High of day, Low of day, All time high, All time low, Stocks above VWAP, Stocks below VWAP and much more.

OI Watch

Get all the information related to Options Trading such as Rate, Performance, OI Change & Open Interest Value of the selected group. It also shows the performance of a particular scrip whether it is Long / Short Build up & Long / Short Unwinding.

Option Chain with Auto Analysis

It shows the value of options which is categorized as ‘In the money’, ‘Out the money’ and ‘At the money’ according to the spot price. It will automatically analyse and show you the performance of the each strike price.

Order Placement

Place multiple types of orders such as CNC & MIS on charts itself with the help of mouse click trading or shortcut keys F1 & F2.

Real-Time Integrated News

Get the real-time latest market news on charts and as an alert on your screen that keeps you updated even when you’re busy trading in the market.